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Vintage Honda Discussion
All things Honda related here..11 Feb 2004 17:20
I have an old Honda dirt bike that was given to me and I'd like to find out what year it is. Does anyone know how to decode the VIN number??. I assume it's a MR-175 since thats what the serial number begins with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bike does run and I'd like to see if I can get it going again. Serial # MR-175 - 2000615
Thanks, Mike
11 Feb 2004 17:21
RE: MR-175???
That my friend is a 1976 model. What a
classic bike you have!! Search ebay for parts and carb kits. Have fun! Chris.
The MR175 1976 was sold in one color combination: Light Ruby Red with White and Black. The gas tank was red. The fenders were white, color impregnated plastic. The side cover was black. The headlight shell was silver with a chrome rock guard. The engine was a 2-stroke piston port single cylinder displacing 171cc linked to a 5-speed transmission. The serial number began: MR175-2000001.
11 Feb 2004 17:27
1967 Honda Dream
I am restoring a 1967 Honda Dream for my fathers birthday. I am looking for a correct paint mixing code for the original red. THe bike is currently white, and he wants a red one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks02 Mar 2004 05:08
1967 Honda Dream Paint Code

You may find some information at the following site:
Hope this helps.
04 Mar 2004 22:27
CD 125 Benly
I have a CD 125 Benly in Saigon. Year unknown but apparently this bike was produced unchanged until quite recently. Great bike except for ugly speedo unit and tailight. I am looking for the old "bullet" shaped headlight with speedo in the middle. Any thoughts?25 Mar 2004 03:08
Aiian -canada
1974 CB 350
i have a 1974 cb 350 honda with one exhaust pipe on each side, it is not split into two. i i'am attempting to get special licence plates but the insurance corporation will not approve because the exhaust system is not orginal.i'am the third owner of the motorcycle and this was the orginal exhaust system. i have to prove to them that this was original. the question is did the orginal owner order this from honda or is it a after market product.07 Apr 2004 16:30
!967 CB 450
Hey folks,

Proud new owner of a vintage Honda 67 CB -450. Looks in good shape other than the plate where the shifter goes through is cracked. I stole the bike $350. Cant wait to get this thing home to do some tinkering. Any tips or knowledge of common problems to be aware of would be appreciatted.

09 Apr 2004 11:05
Honda CT70 H
Hey guys, I am looking to find a good CT70 club online. Any help will help. Thanks, Jason27 Apr 2004 05:32
old biker
i just bought a 1982-900-custom in excellent shape,23500km.
the last time i had a bike was 10years ago. can't wait for the good weather. and my wife just loves it. can't get out of the drive way without doe's anybody have any good ideas to customize it? j.
04 May 2004 22:47
Jeff Bryant
1982 CB900C
Hello all,
I too just bought a CB900 Custom. As of this writing I have yet to pick it up. The first bike I ever owned was the CB750 Custom so I am really looking forward to this bike. I'm sure it's not the most perfect one out there, but hey, that's part of the fun. Good riding weather to all and keep the rubber side down! Hey spread the word, Vintage Hondas is the place to hangout!!
14 May 2004 21:17
1966 Honda CA160
Does anybody ou there know of a contemporary carb I can replace the original CA160 carb with? The thing is killing me. I've rebuilt it but there was always a problem in the bottom of the float bowl where the drain screw broke the pot-metal.10 Jun 2004 03:58
bob vardy
Year of manufacture
I have an old honda two cylinder which I beleive used to be called a 150. I'm not sure of the year of it, possibly mid 1960's. The serial number is C95E-6018263. Can anyone help me please. email address 23 Jul 2004 00:49
Jeff Bryant
Year of Manufacture
C95E-6018263, I can't find an exact match to this number. Can you please take a close look at it. The numbers that resemble it are more like CA95E-XXXXX. These numbers represent the Honda Benly Touring 150's. They were built 1959-1963 and a second series from 1963 to 1966. I hope this helps.23 Jul 2004 01:35
Bob Vardy
Year of manufacture
Jeff--thanks for the info but this number came from the motor as I can't find anything on the steering column. Would you know if it is imprinted anywhere else on the frame? Thanx Bob24 Jul 2004 00:51
6 to 12 Volt Conversion
Hi everyone,
I have a '79 Honda 250 XLs and I would like to update the headlight to something brighter. The bike is 6 volt and I can't find a bright headlight for 6 volt. Is there some way to convert the 6 volt system to a 12 volt system? Or maybe you know of a 6 volt hi intensity headlight availabel somewhere? Thanks in advance.
01 Aug 2004 14:16
1972 CL450

I just bought a 1972 CL450, and am looking to find out if anyone knows of any clubs or forums specific to this bike.

16 Aug 2004 01:51
Trace Nobles
1964 Honda
I'm new to the bike world and recently I purchased a 1964 Honda for $160, $1 for every CC! It's all there and I just need to put it back together then restore it. The only problem is that I don't know the specific model name, which is preventing me from finding and buying the parts that have been misplaced. Does anyone know of a site I can go to that has a lot of pictures that I can see and possibly spot my type of bike, or a site where I can type the VIN number in and find what it is? By the way the VIN number is B160-1009200, if that helps31 Aug 2004 04:16
Gene M.
1984 Honda VT500FT Ascot "Mint
I recently got an 84 VT500FT Ascot in perfect condition. I have two questions. One, does anyone know what the original cost was in 84, and two, I only need the right side cover to make it show room perfect. PS. It purrs.....
05 Sep 2004 23:15
CB350 Twin
I have just bought a CB350 Twin. It's blue but from what I have seen on the internet, that is not the original colourscheme.
It's a European model. I don't know if that changes anything with regards to the colour.
Where can i find original pictures (on the internet) so that I can see the original looks?
16 Sep 2004 19:16
CB350 Twin
I have just bought a CB350 Twin. It's blue but from what I have seen on the internet, that is not the original colourscheme.
It's a European model. I don't know if that changes anything with regards to the colour.
Where can i find original pictures (on the internet) so that I can see the original looks?
16 Sep 2004 19:17
Hello, I just brought home a Honda CX500. Can anyone tell me where I can find serial number data to confirm its date of manufacture? The last owner thought it was a 1980.30 Sep 2004 01:56
The colour of Honda CB200 1975
I have recently bought a Honda CB200. The original colour is a red which is I don't like very much. Could anyone please tell me what other colours were reccommended for this bike? Thnaks.20 Oct 2004 05:58
Honda CB450
Hi Gouge,

Your CB450 should be emminently collectible, for it was a landmark in Honda design when few people were taking Japanese bikes seriously.
I'm not a technical guy and can't help you on the rebuild. But I collect information on vintage bikes, and this is what I know of the CB450.
It first came out in 1964 and was advertised as the 'Black Bomber.' At the time, the biggest bike Honda had was the 305cc CB77 (Super Hawk in the US), which was an overbored CB72 250cc and no match for the big British bikes.
Thus, the CB450 was a shock. It didn't quite manage to topple the big British twins (that had to wait till the CB750 four) but it caused quite a ripple. It was a very modern sports tourer with excellent brakes and was very reliable. It's handling was criticised by many, but its twin OHC engine had torsion bar valve springs, a 180 degree crank and had a peak rpm of 8,500.
There was a later version called the 500T. They were liked more in the US than in any other country. There was a street scrambling version called the 450CL in 1967.

Good luck with the restoration.
28 Oct 2004 05:30
Production figures
I write a motorcycle column for a newspaper. Does anyone know the production figures for the following Honda models?

CB 125, CB 200, CB250, CD 90, CD 125, CD 175, CD185 and CD 200? Any information would be welcome.
23 Nov 2004 04:51
Honda brochures
Attn: The creator of the Brochures Page

I have access to a collection of brochures featuring several 1970s and 80s Honda models. To which email address should I send them?


01 Dec 2004 03:31
Jeff Bryant
What a fantastic opportunity to add to the brochure page! Thanks for the help! You can email me at Wow! Thanks again!15 Dec 2004 03:01
Daryl Bundy
1969 atc 70
My friend just purchased an ATC 70. The California DMV registration say's it's a 1969 model year, and the VIN matches the paperwork. The VIN is 10000700 (might be missing a 0). Now I'm being told that Honda did not make a 1969 ATC 70. There are no emblems or stickers, it has welded on headlight brackets and it appears to be the factory paint as there are no signs of it being repainted and the finish is just too good. Please, if someone knows anything about this bike, post a reply.09 Mar 2005 19:43
Jeff Bryant
According to the Honda Motorcycle Identification Guide, the ATC 70 was first introduced in 1973. The serial numbers started at the 1000001 and up. In 1974 they started with 1100001. It appears that you have a 1973. Hope this helps.10 Mar 2005 22:52
Daryl Bundy
ATC 70
Thank you very much. I accidently added a 0 to the vin. Turns out it is possibly the 70th ATC 70 ever made according to Dr. ATV and he agreed it was a '73. Any idea how the DMV could be so screwed up?11 Mar 2005 01:40
mr 175
i have a shop manual for a mr 175 ..... i dont want any dollars for it thought someone else might need some info ? help /////// e mail me your adress and i will ship it to you ..... david ...... 10 Jul 2005 22:43
1965 Honda Dream
I have come across a 1965 Honda Dream CA77E and I am trying to find out how much this bike is worth. It is in excellant shape other than the honda emblems are missing, the seat needs repaired. It has only 11005 miles on it and it has bars that appear to go to some sort of fairing. I need to know the cubic centimeters and the approximate value. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.
11 Jul 2005 01:31
Rick Brodrick
1968 S65 for sale
Second owner of an immaculate 1968 S65. Fuel tank rusty, carb plugged, but complete and beautiful!
Located in eastern Washington state.
Photos available soon
16 Jul 2005 22:14
Garage too full!!!!
How to value vintage Honda's
I have recently inherited 4 Honda motorcylces, all in immaculate, original condition: 1967 CT90 (2301 miles), 1971 CB500/4 (4818 miles), 1978 Hondamatic Hawk 400 (1698 miles) and a 1980 CB900 Custom (2504 miles) with a complete set of Hondaline removable bags. What is the best way to value these bikes? Is there an on line resource? I am planning to sell these bikes as soon as I can assess their value. Any ideas or interest, email me at 20 Jul 2005 21:49
Kyle, PA.
Honda S65
To anyone that help:
I bought a fully intact Honda S65 from a salvage yard just recently and wanted to restore it, but I can't find anywhere that will tell me the year of the bike. The VIN doesn't really tell me anything and I am having a hard time finding any Internet resources that can help either. Does anyone know where I can look or call. I know the years are from 1965-1969 for the S65, but where can I find the exact year for my bike?
Any help will be much appreciated.
26 Jul 2005 04:32
Hey, Can anyone know where I could find a good set of gas tank knee rubbers for a 1969 CB175?09 Aug 2005 23:36
Unleaded Gasoline
I have a 1972 Honda CD172. Should I run a lead subsitute using leaded gasoline or will the valve seats be fine on unleaded?

12 Aug 2005 02:48
305 Dream - Waht Year is it?
I have a 305 Dream CA77E-1004036. Does anyone know what year it is?

Please email

Thanks John
14 Oct 2005 18:43
vin #decode needed for cb750
i bought a cb750 and was told by the prior owner it was a 75. his old title said it was a 75. now i got the new title and it is saying a 74. the vin is cb7502532700 can anybody help? thanks, matt

01 Nov 2005 05:01
79 CM400A
I found a 1979 400 Automatic in exceptional shape with 3950 original miles! FL bike in NC almost like showroom! Should I buy it, is this model collectible?22 Nov 2005 02:02
50cc street bike
I have a50cc street bike that I am having trouble finding the modle and year. The bike is a1960's and looks like a 125cc super sport . Are there web sites or sumeone that can help we figer at out. the sir # is SS58Y121582 Thank You.28 Dec 2005 15:24
atc 70
I have a AtC 70 with a serial number of 8081564. Trying to figure out what year it is.28 Feb 2006 03:43
jeff morgan
salvage parts
i have alot of bike parts for yamaha,suzuki,honda,kawasaki,from 1979 to 1985 if interested please call 1 361 570 7067 and leave message thank you.01 Mar 2006 00:27
Bowers Racing
1982 Honda 250R chain guide
Hi guys! Im in need of a rear chain guide that mounts on the rear swing arm near the front of the swing arm.Can anybody help me here? Mine is gone and the chain is way too loose.Any help apreciated.You can email me at Thanks! Bill07 Mar 2006 05:21
jamie moodie
Honda D Type Dream
Hi there
I am looking for Hondas first motorbike, the D Type Dream 1949 in origional condition.
Can any of you help me??

honda Lover
26 Mar 2006 12:24
1973 Honda CB350G
Am restoring my CB350. Have frame down to nothing but wheels. With machine standing on kickstand (two feet under bike) bike leans to the left, about 5 degrees. Is this normal or should it be perpendiculer to the floor?
30 Mar 2006 17:21
Des Molloy
Legalising Honda Superhawk
Hi, I am a Kiwi who is coming the the US to replicate the Zen ride Robert Persig did in 1968. My friend Myles and I have managed to purchase 1965 bikes to do the ride on. Neither of the bikes are currently road legal paper-wise. We will be starting from Michigan. The Honda seller couldn't find any papers. Surely there is a computer that can tell if the bike is stolen. What procedures do we need to go through? The Honda was bought in South Carolina but may have last been registered aomewhere else.

Our journey is called Zen and the Last Hurrah. My 2005 journey was The Last Hurrah. This was a classic bike ride from Biejing to Holland across Mongolia, Russia etc. Have a look at if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Des Molloy
New Zealand
20 May 2006 02:34
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